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Buddham Builders is a Leading Electrical and Civil Contracting Company. We have enlisted CPWD and PWD Class-I contractors. We undertake large scale Electrical and Civil Contracts for CPWD (Central Public Works Department), Industries, Commercial Establishments, I.T Companies and Corporate offices. Buddham Builders has the technical expertise, managerial competence and financial capability to execute projects successfully. We have the reputation for excellent quality and timely completion of projects

Over the years, we have successfully carried out the most reliable electrical installations with some of the largest corporate houses across India. But here’s what makes us the best at what we do. With a unique vision and untiring commitment to what we do, we’re all about creating an impeccable experience for our customers.

Buddham Builders has grown to become a name synonymous with an impressive repertoire of projects completed successfully. We are proud to have on-board an enlightened and well-equipped team that has more than 20 years of experience in the industry. With a team like that, we are not only assured of the growth and success of our company, but we promise the same to all our clients. While we’ve earned your trust and we’ve made a name, our journey has only just begun. Our mission is to continue to grow and to empower the nation with the work that we do.



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