Buddham Builders has the distinction of building up an EPC basis of more than 26,500 kms of distribution lines, infrastructure up to 33 kV class for various power distribution utilities in India. On the strength of such impeccable execution of distribution projects, Buddham Builders has earned repeat business through its valued clients in India.

Also the company holds expertise in undertaking Renovation /Augmentation of existing/new distribution system involves a thorough review of design and re-engineering and thereafter, adopting/implementing the state-of-the-art technologies and best practices for AT & C losses reduction.


Buddham Builders possesses competence in building up transmission lines on turnkey basis from 233 V to 66 KV. Presently, the Buddham Builders is building number of transmission lines of different capacities in Delhi,Haryana, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh


Buddham Builders has core competency in Design, Engineering, Erection, Testing and Commissioning of Substation upto 66 KV.


Buddham Builders is actively involved in installation of capacitors at all levels and reconfiguration of feeder lines and distribution transformers with the objective of reduction of the length of low tension lines thereby reducing AT&C Losses.

We undertake the installation of dedicated/specific rated energy efficient distribution transformers, reconductoring of overloaded sections of the feeders, development of digital mapping of the entire distribution system so that appropriate investments on the distribution infrastructure could be undertaken for maximizing consumer benefits through minimizing the power outages.


Buddham Builders has been actively involved in Urban Group and Rural Electrification Projects for various power distribution utilities in India. The Group's pioneering study for optimum design of Rural Electrification Corporation has served as a guideline for several rural electrification projects in India.